Hot Stamping
is very cost effective and no job
is too small.
Hot stamping services at L and L Engravers

Hot Stamped will save you money!

Some of the materials that we Hot Stamp include:

Leather products:
Hot Stamped Belts, Pouches, Apparel, Wallets, ect.
Plastic products:
Hot Stamped Signs, Badges, Gifts and just about anything plastic.
Paper products:
Hot Stamped Book Covers, Stationary, Signs, Greeting Cards, Match Book Covers, Napkins, Business Cards, Labels, ect.
Wood products:
Hot Stamped Pencils, Plaques, Wood Signs, Gift Boxes, ect.
Apparel, Note Book Covers
Hot Stamping can be included
in the engraving process too.
Here you see an engraved badge going through that
hot stamping process. The red ribbon you see in the picture has applied the color to the engraving.

Below, you will see the finished product.

Hot stamping affords your badge, plaque or other material more detail and color options. And, at a reduced cost from that of engraving. The process is accomplished using a specialized machine that heats a hot stamp die and between this die, a color foil is run. As the die is brought down in contact with the badge, the area of the foil that is to be part of the design is heat applied to the badge or other material.
Due to the fact that the image is applied with heat, makes this fairly durable.
(second only to being engraved)

The finished engraving after hot stamping and drilling.
(A typical price)

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