Metal Or Plastic,
What ever you need engraved...
No Job Is Too Small.
Here is our complete pricing at L and L Engravers


Engraving Services from L and L Engravers Are Easily Affordable.
Here Is Our Complete Price List
Including Our DISCOUNT Schedule.
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Item: Price: Total:
Engraved Badges $3.50  
Hot Stamped Badges $3.25  

Cut Out Shapes (glued on)

Simple $0.50  
Medium $0.75  
Hard $1.00  

Engraved Designs

Simple $0.25  
Medium $0.50  
Hard $0.75  

Fill In Painting (per color)

Easy $0.50  
Hard $0.75  

Painting In Blocks Of Color Between Lines (per color)

Small $0.25  
Large $0.50  

Other Options

Glued on Dancers $0.50  
Adding Name To Badge $0.50  
Change Of Cutters (each) $0.25  
Rhinestones (up to 5 and every 5 thereafter) $0.50  
Computer Time To Produce Art For Badge ( per hour) $40.00  
Hot Stamp Dies (per square inch) $40.00  
Special Backing (alligator clips, military backs, etc.) $0.75  
Magnetic Backs:    
3 Magnet Back $3.50  
2 Magnet Back $3.00  


10% Discount Off Orders Over 50 Badges
20% Discount Off Orders Over 100 Badges
30% Discount Off Orders Over 200 Badges


Orders Up To $10.00 $1.00  
$10.01 to $50.00 $2.00  
$50.01 to $100.00 $3.00  
$100.01 to $200.00 $4.00  
Orders Over $200.00 (2% of total)    
Special Shipping (overnight, etc.) Cost plus $1.00 handling    
Washington State Residents add 8.9% State Sales Tax    
L and L Engravers PO. Box 65034 Seattle, Washington 98155
Phone: 425-397-6184 Fax: 425-397-6192 Toll Free: 1-888-743-1876

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